In order to attend SO, request your name badge and QR code from the SO registration desk on the Student Center Entrance. Anyone without a name badge will be refused access to SO events. Please get your name badge in advance and keep it with you during the week of SO to avoid overcrowding at the registration desk and the entrance halls.

Please register separately for each event you will be attending via LinkProfessional for there might be quota restrictions.

SO Event Application

Important note: SO events will be held in Turkish. International students must register online latest by February 20 for each event they will be attending at SO. Turkish-English translation services will only be provided for technically available specific events International students registered for until that date. Please check the SO program on Sunday, February 24 to find out about the events with simultaneous interpretation. All international students whit SO name badges are welcome to attend those specified events.  

Sectoral Orienteering 2019

SO: Career Days Reengineered The ÖzÜ Way

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the ninth annual “Sectoral Orienteering”; one of the flagship events organized by the Sectoral Education and Professional Development team.  This year’s event is taking place between 25 February – 1 March, 2019 at the Çekmeköy Campus.

We bring together the leading names of the business world with our students in many different themes such as sectoral talks, panels, case studies, interview simulations, cultural and sporting events, technical visits, interviews and workshop studies.

The resulting two week program also recognizes the diverse personal interests and different career goals of our students, and promises to offer something for everyone from ScOLa students to our alumni.  As such, it offers invaluable opportunities to experience more than 100 variety of academic, professional, social and sportive events featuring about 80 organizations of all types and sizes.

Sectoral Education and Professional Development